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To this day, I reside in Las Vegas, where my beloved city became the backdrop for my inspiration. A college English professor once said, ‘It is easier to write about what you know.’ So, I did. I love the color red and try to use it in everything, hence the bottle-blonde with red highlights. I believe that I have the knack for baking and cake decorating when my fingers are not busy writing mayhem. When I need to recharge, you'll find me curled up with a cup of coffee, my hubby of nineteen years; along with our two kids, four cats, the family dog and a book. Break A Pencil!

Cover Contest Help!!!

Ebook - So Shall I Reap

RING MY GRAVE BELL!!! Creme dé la Cover Contest only has two more days left to vote and So Shall I Reap is in need of votes… PLEASE, please, please vote if you can. One vote per email, and yes you need to sign up to vote for this one. Let’s pull together and show the reapers that we care. Thanks sooo much! {FYI: shares are not required but very much appreciated and needed.} #bookcovers #bookaddict #judgeabookbyitscover #reaperlove #soshallireap #childofbalance #daemons #Unseen #paranormal #reapers #ashens #angels #smolders #daemonicdragons #read2day #ownyourstory

“Reapers Scythe Cancer and Unkindness” Giveaway

IMG_6874 Bully Photo

In honor of Anti-bullying & Cancer awareness month, my family and I pulled together for both causes. My son would like to share a story about anti-bullying with you. This was something he witnessed at his High School, last year. And to be quite honest we are very proud of him.

Here is Joshua’s Story.

Concern Gave Me a Voice

One day at school I didn’t feel like eating my lunch so I went to lay down on the edge of one of the planters in the quad. Using my binder as a pillow and my sweater as a blanket, I laid down. Watching my friends’ converse and everyone else going about their normal routine, I stared to dose off.
A few moments later I heard a ruckus behind me. As I glanced over, I saw a junior and a freshman walk toward each other. The freshman said, “Hey what’s up man?”
Then the junior said, “Why are you talking to me, Shrimp?” Then he pushed him.
The freshman with his hands up said, “I don’t want any trouble.”
I sat up and started watching them intently.
Then the junior pushed the guy again and smacked the freshman’s binder out of his hands. The freshman looked shocked at the junior. Then the junior shoved the freshman to the ground.
While this was going on, I looked around to discover no one was paying attention to them. Everyone was going about their own business with blinders on.
Anger and disappointment washed over me as I comprehended the situation. I found my voice and got up. Rushing up to the bully, I got in his face and said, “What do you think you are doing? You best back off from this freshman, Lad.”
Then the junior started to laugh.
Behind me, I noticed the freshman was laughing as well. Puzzled, I glanced at both of them and realized they were laughing together. The junior helped the freshman up from the ground. Then they both explain that they were conducting a community test with their class. They wanted to see if someone would stand up to a bully.
Still trying to process what was happening. I found myself mobbed by a crowd of guys. They patted me on the back, congratulated me with high fives, and showered me with praise for taking charge and trying to defuse the situation with words and not fists.
As they were cheering me on, the freshman came over to me and said, “Good job man. I’m proud of you.”
Then I turned to him and said, “You’ve got to watch for yourself and remember no one deserves to be treated like that.”
The group of kids in the quad all started to applaud and here I thought I was just helping someone out by giving them my voice.

I can’t even explain how proud we are of him.

IMG_6850 Bully GWY 10-15

October has two very special causes that we as a family are placing a spotlight on, Anti-bullying and Cancer. My aunt was diagnosed with breast Cancer two years ago. It was an emotional time, for her especially. And after undergoing surgery, and then radiation treatments, she has been Cancer free for the past year.

As a family, we have put together a Two for Giveaway. REAPER T has set aside his pride and persuaded his minion to turn pink.

“Because reapers can wear pink too.”

We have two prize packs we are giving away. YES! I’m giving away two pink reapers, two Unseen mystery coffins, two bonus prizes my daughter has made and a signed copy of So Shall I Reap. One prize for a special winner and a second prize for the winner to giveaway to whomever they want. As long as they, “pay ‘kindness’ forward.” I have set up a Rafflecopter to enter the “Reapers Scythe Cancer and Unkindness,” giveaway. It will start Monday, Oct 12th @ noon and end at midnight on Saturday, Oct 31st . (or 12 a.m. Nov 1st)
“Remember to spread the word, and give kindness a hand, by doing a good deed.”
From my family to yours…
Scythe ya later! x.x

IMG_6846 Bully GWY 10-15

a Rafflecopter giveaway

“They have been unleashed.” REAPER’S COUNTDOWN GIVEAWAY has ended

It’s quiet in my head. The reapers are gone, so don’t forget to look under your bed.

The REAPER’S COUNTDOWN GIVEAWAY has ended, and we have our winners. REAPER T and I would like to congratulate our three GOODREADS winners.


Tamara Bass, Susan Dougherty, & Thelma Melendez. You have each won a copy of So Shall I Reap. I will be mailing your prize soon. Thank you for entering.

On behave of Alexcia, Tevin, and me, (of course REAPER T too) we would like to thank all who entered. (I am the graveyard keeper to this giveaway and the only one to wield a shovel.)

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We look forward to seeing you in the Unseen soon.

Scythe ya later. x.x


Less than two hours left, and REAPER T is partying with the family, reaper style. I’m so excited to share Alexcia and Tevin’s story. I hope all who get the chance to take the journey with them will have a “reapful” adventure. Good Luck and Break a Pencil!

(Winners will be announced when I am notified by Goodreads. I am the graveyard keeper to this giveaway and the only one with a shovel. For US residents only, sorry.)


Scythe ya later. x.x

Final round in the Masquerade Cover Wars…WE MADE IT!

This is SCYTHETACULAR! We made the final round in the Masquerade Cover Wars. Both of our covers are in it to win it. Please show the love… And just like before, you do not have to sign up to vote. Here’s the link……/august-cover-wars-final-rou…

Thank you all for helping us make the final round. Scythe ya later.
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IMG_5964Ebook - So Shall I Reap

The following link is for the honorable mentions. 



With the release day, one day away, we are all going stir crazy here. Don’t forget to enter the GOODREADS GIVEAWAY for a copy of So Shall I Reap. You have a one in three chance to win. Click the link below to enter. Good luck and Break a Pencil.

(I am the graveyard keeper of this giveaway and the only one with a shovel. For US residents only, sorry)

OH. MY. GOSHNESS. He is at it again. REAPER T was up late disturbing the house in the of middle of the night playing…video games? We caught REAPER T playing Darksiders. Go figure.


He disappeared when we started laughing at his choice of remotes… “The pink one, really?”

Well, as REAPER T finds his pride again. Come back tomorrow to see what he has in store for us.

Scythe ya later! x.x


The GOODREADS GIVEAWAY has only 2 days and a few hours left to enter. I am giving away 3 copies of So Shall I Reap to celebrate my first novel release. You have a one in three chance to WIN, so enter soon before they mist away. Follow the link here to enter the REAPER’S GOODREADS GIVEAWAY. Break A Pencil!

(FYI: I am the graveyard keeper to this giveaway, and the only one with a shovel. BEWARE!!! For US residents only, sorry.)

WELL, I’m UPSET. I came down to make coffee and found this…WHAT??? This is the scariest thing I have ever seen. I’m out of coffee. “AAAHHH!” Did REAPER T make it disappear? And if so WHY? I think he might have since I feel like REAPER T is mocking me sitting in my mug. Now, I have to go to the store. Scythe me!


Check out tomorrow where REAPER T might strike next… >.<GRRR!

Day 4… (and a few hours) the Reaper Countdown Continues

One of my main characters is growing impatient. Tevin quietly paces in my head. It’s what he does when he is thinking, which causes me concern. A reaper thinking is a dangerous daemon.

{A personal note} Well, here we are at day four, and I heard that some of you have already received your copy. Thank You for opening your heart to new characters, a new author, and a new twist on a grim old favorite, the reapers. I hope you will enjoy Alexcia and Tevin’s story.

The REAPERS GOODREADS GIVEAWAY has only four days left and a few hours to enter. You have a chance to win one of three paperback copies that I am giving away, of So Shall I Reap, book one in the Unseen Series. Just follow the link below and Break a Pencil.

(I am the graveyard keeper to this giveaway, and the only one with a shovel. BEWARE! (lol))


OMGOSHNESS… he is at it again. REAPER T must be bored. I found him today messing with my computer and digging through my research. I think he approves of some of my findings. Thank goodness, “Pheww…”

Well, check back tomorrow and find out where REAPER T will pop up next.

Scythe ya later. x.x


Our GOODREAD’S GIVEAWAY is down to 5 days and 11 hours left to enter. I’m giving away 3 copies of the So Shall I Reap paperback. You have a one in three chances to win a copy for yourself. Enter soon, the sand is running out, and your chance is fading fast. Tevin, Alexcia and I wish you, Break a Pencil! Follow the link below to enter.

(This GOODREADS GIVEAWAY is for US residents only, sorry. I am the graveyard keeper to this giveaway and the only one with a shovel.)

REAPER T is at it again. I guess there is so much to can do to entertain your daemon nature. I found him here in a stare-off with our cat. She wasn’t sure and never took her eyes off of him. Smart Kitty. The stare down lasted 11 minutes. I was impressed.


Stay tuned tomorrow for REAPER T’s crazy Unseen antics.

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