Facebook Release Party for Christin Benjamin’s Fourth Installment

13669392_1153098924751863_3716712735683550881_oMark your calendar. Tomorrow is Christina Benjamin’s release party for the fourth installment in the Geneva Project. Come by and say “hi,” maybe chit-chat with some authors, play some games, and maybe win a book, ebook, or some fun swag.
Hope to see you there. (My time starts at 9:30 EST)
Facebook Party with 15 Best-Selling & Award-Winning YA Authors
2pm-until 11pm (EST)
Prizes – Contests – Giveaways – Fun
Author line up and schedule:
2:00 Jo Michaels
2:30 Christina Benjamin
3:00 Jaci Chaney (book trivia)
3:30 Adrienne Woods
4:00 Katie John
4:30 Carlyle Labuschagne
5:00 NL Greene
5:30 Cameo Renae
6:00 SM Boyce
6:30 Pageburners (book trivia)
7:00 Joanna Siglo Morris
7:30 Jolene Buchheit
8:00 Tia Silverthorne-Bach
8:30 Stephanie Erikson
9:00 Chanda Hahn
9:30 Kathy-Lynn Cross
10:00 Tricia Copeland Brzostowic

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