Our GOODREAD’S GIVEAWAY is down to 5 days and 11 hours left to enter. I’m giving away 3 copies of the So Shall I Reap paperback. You have a one in three chances to win a copy for yourself. Enter soon, the sand is running out, and your chance is fading fast. Tevin, Alexcia and I wish you, Break a Pencil! Follow the link below to enter.

(This GOODREADS GIVEAWAY is for US residents only, sorry. I am the graveyard keeper to this giveaway and the only one with a shovel.)

REAPER T is at it again. I guess there is so much to can do to entertain your daemon nature. I found him here in a stare-off with our cat. She wasn’t sure and never took her eyes off of him. Smart Kitty. The stare down lasted 11 minutes. I was impressed.


Stay tuned tomorrow for REAPER T’s crazy Unseen antics.

I also have a Thunderclap started, please support. Shares are not required but very much appreciated.
Scythe ya later! x.x

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