We are down to 12 days and the REAPERS are antsy

}}}}GOODREADS GIVEAWAY{{{{ is down to 12 days left.

So Shall I Reap, is releasing in print on 8/25/15. The Reapers’ Smolders are rattling their cages. Just click the link and enter to win one of the 3 copies I’m giving away on GOODREADS. https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/149231-so-shall-i-reap

Also, had a scare today, Reaper T is at it again. I went to grab my creamer and met the blank reaper’s stare. IN THE REFRIGERATOR! Then I noticed what I believe might be helping him move about my house. It seems Reaper T has more than one minion helping him out. I wonder where I’ll find him next… Stay tuned to see where death …may be.


*(For US residence only, sorry)

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