Holy Tombstones! Day 22 on the GOODREADS GIVEAWAY and Reaper T is hitting on my Fairy-Raven girl. Believe it or not this was part of my inspiration for Tevin and Alexcia. Reaper T has a blank no facial-feature-face, but something about him is intriguing. Alexcia, innocent & wide-eyed but hiding the dark secrets inside of her. Some things she doesn’t understand, and others she is clueless on. Writing is what helps her remain somewhat sane. My little fairy girl is writing the Raven… by my fav dark author, Mr. Poe.
DON”T FORGET TO ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A COPY OF So Shall I Reap… 22 days and counting. Break A Pencil!…/show/126078-so-shall-i-reap

I am the graveyard keeper to this giveaway; Facebook is not at all responsible. *(For national(US) residents only, *sorry) Thank you on behalf of the Reapers, Alexcia and me. x.xIMG_5978

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